How It Works

What actually is an interpretation?

ChecktheDocs takes “documents and notices you don’t understand and don’t know what to do with” ™ and utilizes our expertise and extensively researched database to explain in laymen’s terms. We make complex and scary notices easy to understand.

What is ChecktheDocs Document Interpretation Resolution System (DIRS™)?

Our Document Interpretation Resolution System (DIRS™) was created to control and organize the countless documents received from our clients throughout the years. This ChecktheDocs system was designed to keep you organized and provide a user friendly environment to collaborate and learn about a variety of business and consumer notices that are being received today.

What types of documents do you interpret?

ChecktheDocs interprets all types of notices and documents. We have hundreds of analyzed and interpreted documents in our database. We interpret documents from government agencies, including the IRS, Franchise Tax Board and the Employment Development Department.

How long has ChecktheDocs Documentation Interpretation Resolution System (DIRS™) been interpreting documents?

The ChecktheDocs℠ team developed the concept of systematically interpreting, managing and resolving Business and Personal document (notice) issues from our 30+ year’s of experience in the financial and compliance industry.

What data does the DIRS™ portal contain?

The ChecktheDocs DIRS™ portal holds the chronological thread communication string from your document interpretation and the access link to your actual document. Once your subject matter is resolved and closed, the threads and access through ChecktheDocs DIRS™ portal are no longer assessable.

What is a subject matter?

Subject matter would be a document from the IRS, i.e., your 2011 Income Tax Return. The 2011 1040 Individual Tax Return is the subject matter.

How do I get my document interpreted?

Simply provide us with your document (s). There are several ways you can confidentially submit your notice or document: 1) Upload your Documents to us from your portal. 2) Fax your Documents to us at 1-888-509-3342. 3) Email your Documents to us at

Can I upload my documents to the site?

Yes, you can upload your documents or notices to the ChecktheDocs web site by accessing and logging on to your portal here. Once you login, there are complete instructions on your portal on how to upload your documents.

Once I upload my documents where are they stored?

Your documents are securely stored on your storage portal, managed by Access-IT-Now, powered by Review our privacy policy for details.

Is the ChecktheDocs document storage portal secure?

Absolutely, our document storage portal is powered by Box, a member of the Cloud Security Alliance. Box employs offers physical security; strict access polices and secure vaults and cages. Review our privacy policy for complete details.

Is the ChecktheDocs DIRS™ portal secure?

Every precaution is taken to protect the confidentiality and security of your personal information placed on the site. ChecktheDocs employs technological, physical and administrative security safeguards, such as firewalls and carefully-developed, state-of- the-art security protocols, i.e., socket layer technology [SSL]. Review our privacy policy for complete details.

Can I mail or drop off my documents to you?

In special cases where there is no means to provide the documents by the methods specified on our How it Works page, we can propose another method of delivery. Please contact us for further information.

Do you interpret documents from the State of California only?

No. ChecktheDocs supports, interprets and resolves documents and notice issues nationwide. To date, we’ve resolved issues from Texas, Missouri, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Minnesota, Wisconsin and New Jersey. Each state is unique. Our Doc Advisors have the experience to research and understand the notices from a variety of government agencies.

How do I receive my interpretations?

You will receive your interpretation by email. They can also be viewed from your DIRS™ portal here. To view interpretations from your portal, you need to login with your username and password that you established upon registration.

How long does it take to interpret the document?

In most cases your interpretation can be available in 24 hours or less, especially if the document or notice is already in the ChecktheDocs’ library. If it’s a new document to our system, it can take up to 7 business days to complete and deliver your interpretation.

How long does it take to resolve and close a subject matter?

Many factors determine what’s involved in resolving and closing subject matter issues. Matters relating to tax returns can be resolved in less than 30 days. Balance due subject matter issues will remain open until any determined balance is paid in full.

How long are my Documents stored on ChecktheDocs DIRS™ portal?

Documents are stored on the DIRS™ portal until they are resolved. If you would like to continue to store your documents and notices on the DIRS™ portal for convenience, please contact us for details.


About Us

Who are Doc Advisors?

The ChecktheDocs Doc Advisors are our collaborative of experts specializing in accounting, business consulting, financial planning, tax advice and compliance matters.

Are you an offer-in-compromise or tax relief company?

No. Our service is based on establishing relationships. ChecktheDocs service fees are nominal. They are not based on debt. Most offer-in-compromise/tax relief companies base their fees on the high dollar. Our Doc Advisors utilize the ChecktheDocs system to interpret and attack the problem first. Investigating, eliminating and reducing debt is what we are all about! Through our investigations, we find the majority of tax compliance problems are related to unfiled taxes and forms producing these assessments.

Where are you located?

ChecktheDocs is located in the Southern California area. If you need to discuss your matter in person, please call our Toll-Free number @ 1-888-441-0064 for an appointment and our Doc Advisors would be glad to meet with you at one of our following locations: Upland, and coming soon to Orange County.