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SUBJECT MATTER: Payroll issue with Employment Development Department (EDD)

SITUATION: EDD denied the initial payroll filing and processed their own version of the filing, assessing an excessive and unsubstanciated amount.

“The EDD seized approx. $3,000 from our church’s bank account and I was quite upset. We are a small church and that was a lot of money to lose. When I received the notice in the mail I thought the payroll company caused the error. Immediately they (EDD) levied my bank account without giving me enough time to investigate what happened. ChecktheDocs and its Doc Advisors did the job to get the ball rolling and got our money back.”

Robert H.


SUBJECT MATTER: Income Tax issue with CA Franchise Tax Board (FTB)

SITUATION: FTB filed the returns and assessed over $50,000. (Note: The taxpayer’s prior year taxes were zero balance owed.)

“The FTB contacted my employer to levy my wages. It was awful and demeaning and I was fearful! I have never been treated like this. I knew something was wrong. The amount was ridiculous. I knew it was an assessment and the numbers were outrageous. If it wasn’t for the services of ChecktheDocs and its Doc Advisors, I wouldn’t know what to do. I went from owing a zillion dollars to the FTB owing me a big refund!”

Aerospace Maintenance

BUSINESS: Aerospace Maintenance

SUBJECT MATTER: Payroll Issue with Wisconsin Department of Revenue (WDR)

SITUATION: WDR filed the forms and assessed over $700,000. (Note: The employer’s prior year payroll withholdings averaged $6,000 annually.)

“When I first saw the notice it freaked me out! I thought the amount was outrageous. I knew it was wrong. They levied my account and ChecktheDocs and its Doc Advisors had my money returned within 30 Days.”

Check Cashing

BUSINESS: Check Cashing

SUBJECT MATTER: Payroll Issue with Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

SITUATION: IRS changed the required form, denying the initial filing without acknowledging payments.

“I have several businesses and was receiving the same notice. I knew something was wrong because of the many mistakes. Notices asking for 944’s and more notices asking for 941’s, charging me penalties and interest. I was getting several levies and didn’t think I owed this. ChecktheDocs and its Doc Advisors educated me to what a 944 and 941 was. The IRS made a mistake. In the end, the levies were erroneous and they returned my money.”

Auto Mechanic Shop

BUSINESS: Auto Mechanic Shop

SUBJECT MATTER: Sales Tax issue with the Board of Equalization (BOE)

SITUATION: BOE sent notice 7 years later for unfiled and unpaid Sales Tax Returns.

“I never had a problem with the BOE. I was always compliant. When I received the notice that I didn’t file or pay my sales tax I became worried. I was also surprised they were asking for my sales tax returns from 7 years ago. They levied my account for around $1,800. ChecktheDocs investigated the matter and found that I paid the BOE and filed the returns. BOE owes me $1,800!”

Online Magazine Company

BUSINESS: Online Magazine Company

SUBJECT MATTER: Business License issue with the City of Los Angeles

SITUATION: The City of Los Angeles improper classification code dispute generated thousands of dollars in licensing fees.

“Now days money is scarce especially if I get penalties that I may not even owe. The City of Los Angeles is charging me based on a wrong classification. ChecktheDocs investigated and represented me in arguing about the improper classification. They did everything that could be done, but to date, this is still an open issue.”