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Interpreting documents is in our DNA!

ChecktheDocs℠ offers a Document Interpretation Resolution System (DIRS) that educates business owners and individuals to help them understand confusing technical & official-looking documents. Our expert Advisory Team can help determine what actions are needed to resolve your issues with the following:

  • Consumer – Liens, levies, tax assessments, back tax filings, tax issues, and more
  • Business – Payroll concerns, liens, levies, late fees, governmental assessments, penalties, back taxes, corporate compliance issues, and any other business related matters.

The ChecktheDocs℠ team developed the concept of systematically interpreting and managing documents, based on 30+ year’s experience consulting on financial and governmental notification issues. Our innovative coding system not only helps individuals, ChecktheDocs℠ also helps accountants, lawyers, compliance agents and service-related businesses, to organize documents.

ChecktheDocs℠ blog provides a forum for our Advisors to collaborate with our members.


Revolutionize document management and interpretation using ChecktheDocs as an educational tool for effective and efficient correspondence. Our goal is to take the confusion and worry out of the ever-changing world of laws, rules, compliance measures and standards. ChecktheDocs provides comprehensive explanations and state-of-the-art learning tools for recommending the appropriate actions to quickly help and resolve all document and correspondence needs.